• About the Edmonton Warhamer League

    The Edmonton WarHammer League is where Acolytes and Veterans alike can meet and compete in a FUN setting for everyone. We run 3 seasons as well as a series of tournaments throughout the year.


    Running 40 players a season, chances are you will have a good assortment of opponents and races to test your own lists against. Come Playoffs, when all gloves are off, you will be able to test your best meta tricks against the other top players of the league.

  • About Our Community

    To be your best, you must play the best

    Edmonton is home to top notch players of all races. Edmonton meta on a global scale can be considered relatively rough. You will see some amazing combinations of tactics that play to the mission or opponent. Some guys have huge collections to pull from and can list tailor to almost any opponent. We are a league of veterans; but who recognize when to bring out the big guns or when to take the advisory role and help our new members perfect their own skills. We have pride in being some of the best tacticioners in the world. We are a hub of the community to get games in. Put a post up in Facebook and someone will stand up to the challenge.