• Season 2.1 The NarrativeJune 2017Arthur

    In the far future of the 41 millenium, there is only war. The Imperium of Man is beset on all sides, while the Emperor himself XXXXXXXXXXXX CLASSIFIED XXXXXXXXXXX. The Primarchs return to walk among us, and entire sectors of space writhe in unholy flames of strife. The galaxy is split asunder by a tremendous warp storm with only two known passages through. Previously unthought of alliances form amidst the chaos as battling factions try to secure what they see as rightfully theirs.

    Abbadon, champion of chaos, leads the dark forces in a rampage of destruction consuming all in his path. Harnessing the momentum started by the 13th Black Crusade, with the effects of the warp storms created by the fall of crucial pylon words, Holy Terra is now more vulnerable than ever before. To ensure destruction of the hated false emperor and finally win the Long War, the forces of Chaos will have to push hard against the haggard loyalist armies and maintain control of the passages through the warp storms.

    Gulliman is everywhere at once, rallying the defenders of the Imperium. He is leading the Crusade at the forefront of his new Primaris Marines. Even such far flung systems as Baal are reinforced with the Emperor’s finest. The new loyalist Crusade fights hard to gain control of the few passages through the massive warp storm splitting the known galaxy in half. The T’au’s Fourth Sphere Expansion fleet has disappeared from known space. Parts of it found themselves emerging into the webway, saved from the Warp by mighty psykers.

    Eldrad went to great lengths to safeguard and commune with the T’au, forging an alliance to preserve order. Combining forces, the Fourth Expansion Fleet and the Eldar rally to stem the tide of chaos, to protect the entrances to the webway and the eastern fringe, and to gain control of the immeasurably valuable passages through the warp storm. Not everyone in the galaxy seeks to affect the balance of Order and Chaos. Some simply wish to destroy, changing the galaxy in their own image. Working separately towards similar base goals are the awakening Necrons, raucous Orks, and hungering Tyranids. The Orks have most recently been seen heading towards Armageddon to fight da biggest WAAAGH! yet and need the precious scraps and hearty battles presented by the many targets fighting over and making use of the warp storm passages. The Necrons are waking faster then ever before, only to find the galaxy much changed from how they left it. Tomb worlds with pylons and space displacement fields are not responding, prompting the construction of new ones and the expansion of their ancient empires. The Tyranids seem to be attracted to the light of the astronomicon, much like the phobus from many years ago.

    This is where the story begins…."