• IG/Orks BatRep01June 2017Dylan and Jace

    Pask let out a grin. Rare for him. The Orks were distracted and split. Some of the Iron advancing on him had removed themselves from the cover of the forcefield. With a gesture his men reacted. Moves were made, targets were sighted, the Orks were about to feel the wrath of fallen Cadia.

    The Shadowsword was the first to fire. Unleashing its deadly Volcano Cannon at its original target. Flashes of dying energy spasmed as shots took off chunks of the Morkanaughts armour. Taking lead from the Shadowsword, lobs of missiles were hurled at the Big guys direction. Amazingly it shrugged off the remaining damage, intent on getting face to face with something.

    The Orks had felt the firepower but were determined to break the first line of the guard. Kans and Dredds alike advanced as fast as possible. However it still wasn't fast enough to close the distance and throw a punch. The Bullgryns turned and faced their foe of the same size and smashed a set of kans. The Orks were in for a hurting.

    A third round of firing at the Morkanaght by the Shadowsword and finally the Morkanaught fell to its knees. The kans shook by their big brothers fall were mowed down by Pask's combined firepower. Losing the shield of the Naught left them unprotected and the Dredd's remaining on the right flank suffered some damage as well. The grin from earlier was well earned. Pask has dealt with one side of the Orks advance. Only the one Naught of the pair remained; time to adjust.

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