• IG/Orks BatRep01June 2017Dylan and Jace

    As two forces approach eachother from a distance... The Orks ever eager to start a battle fire off their rokkits. Taking out one of the Sentinels and damaging the Chimera. 1st Blood to the Bad Moonz. The Mobb advances.

    As the Flankers advance for the Guard and Hidden units reveal themselves The Orks find themselves surrounded. Disciplined soldiers hold the line as the tanks prepare to fire back.

    Devastating salvoes of missile and sustained heavy fire from Pask made the forcefields of the Orks flicker with bright flashes of energy. A small percentage of shots were able to penetrate the field and do considerable damage to the Morkanaught housing one of the energy projectors protecting the advance. The Shadowsword was also able to fire its main weapon at the big guy in view. A command point re-roll gave the tank 6 shots and it left the Morkanaught limping.

    Unshook the Orks continued their pace forward. A single Dredd turned to face the newly revealed soft bodies behind them. "Dem sneaky Gits" needed to be taught a lesson. Kans fired of Rokkits and the Naughts let loose on the Imperial lines. The Chimera was downed spilling out its passengers behind the wreckage. The Sentinels wall of flames melted the circuits of 1 Dredd but it charged through the flames and smashed its closest foe.

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