• IG/Orks BatRep01June 2017Dylan and Jace

    After Pask's hasty exit from Cadia, he consolidated his battered armored forces. The men were reeling from the defeat and loss of the Imperium's bastion of the Gate. The thought of nothing keeping the inhabitants of the Eye at bay as well as the huge rift now splitting the galaxy was enough to drive most men immobile with terror. Not Pask; he immediately set coordinates for another of the Imperium's indispensable planets under assault… The Red Lynchpin, Armageddon.

    “Wat a waste”… Away from the fun again. Naz was sending him down here to fix another one of the Goff Rok’s landing pads except it wasn’t broken. Like the rest of them; it wasn’t working but it wasn’t broken. Ever since the sky turned as red as the planet; Thraka’s forces were reporting tellyporta accidents and troubles. It had seriously affected their new go-to strategy of teleporting large mobs back and forth from the planet at a whim.

    Ghazghkul wasn’t pleased; when Ghazghkul wasn’t pleased it seemed no one was safe Ork or Human alike. He wanted nothing more to be in the battle driving his Gorkanaught straight into the Steel Legion’ lines however what Ghaz wants, Ghaz gets. “Dem Steeler Oomies tho;” no matter how many times you smash them, more and more come back. Like an ork. It was the perfect Waaagh!

    Except now it was interrupted. He shook his fist at the sky cursing Nazdreg for being a slag to Ghaz and for wasting his time. That’s when he noticed it in the distance. An Imperial landing force was touching down right in Ork held territory. At this distance it looked like they landed right outside the outskirts of the remnants of Helsreach. Not a far trek for the Dredd’s, He could sneak in a little Waaagh while down here. It’s not like a little Waaagh has ever hurt anyone. C’mon boys mount up!

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